AT-Marine Oy

AT-Marine Oy imports and exports technical equipment and systems for both marine and industrial use and provides engineering, installation and service for these equipment and systems.

AT-Marine Oy supplies Navigation- and communication systems to shipping companies, authorities, yards and boatbuilders.
We supply our customers with a comprehensive range of different measuring- and monitoring systems including different sensors and valves for professional marine industry. We also offer our customers engineering and service in the field of engine room equipment.
We supply for customers up to turn-key deliveries for complete tank-gauging systems, loading arms and different safety equipment for industry use mainly in the oil industry.
AT-Marine Oy supplies sonars, side scan sonars, multibeam echo sounders, underwater surveillance systems, telemetries and other special products and systems.
AT-Marine Oy provides installation and maintenance worldwide in co-operation with the manufacturers for the products and systems represented by AT-Marine Oy.