Honeywell Global Tracking


Honeywell Global Tracking (formerly EMS Global Tracking) satellite-based products are used around the world to locate, track, and communicate with cargo, personnel and fleet assets. The company’s tracking, messaging and recovery systems give military and civil organisations the ability to locate and safeguard these assets even in the world’s most remote and hostile places. A leader in telemetric and force tracking solutions, the company also pioneered Search and Rescue technology and offers personnel recovery systems. 

Installed equiments tests are provided by AT-Marine Oy.




Honeywell Global Tracking maritime solutions locate, track and monitor commercial and leisure vessels at regular pre-defined intervals, and fulfill all SSAS and LRIT requirements. In addition to GPS location, the company’s Tuna Buoys products provide real-time sea temperature, fish aggregation and fish finder services. ​​​​​​
Our satellite-based tracking systems for commercial vessels include Long Range ID Tracking (LRIT) and Ship Security Alert Systems (SSAS). The company’s LRIT products for vessels over 300 tonnes are fully compliant with the SOLAS V19.1 regulations, and all solutions offer seamless global coverage across all ocean regions.
When a sail boat or yacht is stolen, it’s very difficult to recover it without an on-board satellite-based tracking device. Small form-factor satellite terminals from Honeywell Global Tracking can be discretely installed on a vessel and tracked anywhere in the world using a standard browser.
Buoys from Honeywell Global Tracking are used around the world to monitor ocean conditions and track fishing vessels and gear. Terminals on the buoy collect and process data from several satellite systems to help fishing vessels find the most promising fishing grounds.