Honeywell Enraf

Honeywell Enraf provides a comprehensive range of products and systems for accurate tank gauging, inventory management and tank terminal operations, offering open connectivity, modular design and solid migration paths. These solutions enable optimum use of tank storage capacity to optimize operations and increase revenues. Honeywell Enraf products and systems are approved for custody transfer and compliant with all major international standards.

Tank Gauging
Honeywell Enraf provides a comprehensive range of products and systems for accurate tank gauging, inventory management and tank terminal operations.

Tank Inventory Management
Honeywell Enraf’s Entis XL and Entis Pro focus on the specific aspects of inventory control, custody transfer, and oil movement and operations.  The specific monitoring requirements for LNG storage are handled by Entis LNG Pro.

Network & Interfacing
Honeywell Enraf provides a wide range of interfacing and networking solutions for the tank terminal area.
Temperature Systems
Honeywell Enraf’s temperature gauging systems offer reliability, high measurement accuracy, minimal maintenance cost and easy installation.
Terminal Manager
Honeywell's Terminal Manager integrates with the Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS) platform and other Honeywell solutions to provide an integrated terminal automation solution.
Additive Injection Systems 
With over 35 years of experience and over 60,000 additive injectors installed worldwide, Honeywell Enraf offers expertise and custom solutions for every conceivable additive injection application.
Blending Systems
Honeywell Enraf blending applications are the continuous combining of two or more products to a predetermined specification during a standard flow process.
Loading Automation
Honeywell Enraf’s loading automation system manages and controls loading and unloading in a safe, secure and well-documented manner.
Portable Level & Temperature Gauges (Land-based)
Portable open or closed gas tight HERMetic UTImeter level gauging equipment for use on shore tanks.
Portable Samplers for Shore Tanks Application (Land-based)
Portable restricted or gas tight HERMetic Samplers for use on shore tanks. The samplers are connected to a fixed installed ball valve on each tank.
Portable Temperature Measurement
Portable digital thermometer used for temperature verification during custody transfer, inventory control and verification of automatic systems. The thermometer is designed for use in hazardous environment.
Calibron™ Prover
The Calibron Prover offers a simple mechanical operation, no hydraulics or pneumatics, and equal upstream and downstream volumes.
Density Measurement
Flame Arrestors
A flame arrester is fitted to the opening of an enclosure, or to the connecting pipe work of a system of enclosures, to allow flow but prevent the transmission of flame per ISO-16852.
Weight Loaded Vents
Weight loaded vents secure vessels and process equipment against unacceptable pressure and vacuum with or without flame arrester elements.