Krait Defence System

A complete ASW solution for smaller vessels.

SEA delivers a flexible, scalable, modular and small footprint Anti-Submarine Warfare solution with Krait Defence System.Krait Defence System comprises a family of detection solutions and countermeasures. These use common software that integrates SEA’s proven decoy and torpedo launcher systems with the miniaturised KraitArray, a thin line towed array sonar system.

Key Features & Benefits

Krait Defence System ranges from stand-alone use of the KraitArray to a fully combined system known as KraitStrike. The system is aimed at smaller vessels such as patrol craft and OPVs that are unable to accommodate a full-sized towed array sonar. Suitable for new vessels or to be retrofitted to existing platforms, the Krait Defence System has four options:

  1. KraitSense – Passive Towed Array
    • Underwater threat detection
    • Easy ship fit
    • Small footprint on deck
    • Small diameter
    • Low weight & drag
    • Low power consumption
  2. KraitSearch – Active Acoustic Search 
    • Underwater threat localisation
    • Modular ASW solution
    • Single-sourced hardware & software
    • Reliable, proven technology
  3. KraitShield – Acoustic Decoy System
    • Combined KraitSense and KraitSearch capabilities plus:
    • Protection against torpedoes
    • Programmable acoustic decoys
    • Single or multi-tube launchers
    • Multi-purpose launchers
  4. KraitStrike – Lightweight Torpedo Launcher
    • Combined KraitSense, KraitSearch and KraitShield capabilities plus:
    • Single or multi-tube torpedo launchers
    • Compatible with NATO lightweight torpedoes

Torpedo Launcher Systems

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