Jotron valmistaa turvatuotteita (EPIRB, SART, etc.), jotka ovat korkealaatuisia ja luotettavia merikäyttöön.


Maritime safety communication – search and rescue services

Jotron is a world leading manufacturer of high quality EPIRBs that comply with all international regulations to meet the demands of the commercial, fishing, leisure, marine and offshore industries. Jotron SARTs (search and rescue radar transponder) are designed for use in search and rescue operations. This radio device identifies the exact location of the distress, indicated on the radar X-band display of any nearby ships, aircrafts and SAR vessels. Jotron has produced Automatic Identification System (AIS). AIS is a broadcast communication system operating in the VHF maritime band, which sends ship information to other ships and to shore.

See and be seen at sea and onshore

Jotron’s portfolio includes high quality multi-purpose marking- and distress strobe lights. Marking lights offer a wide range of use, including highlighting fishing equipment, fish farms, cables, anchor chains and offshore installations.

Jotron GMDSS, AIS and light Products

Maritime and energy product catalogue (.pdf)