Without compromising on quality and safety

AT-Marine Oy
Employees 10 persons.
Head office at Vantaa
VAT reg no FI090308004

Company have license to carry out electrical installations
Company TRAC-number:  4-16-033-3977-27

  • Product groups
    Marine Products
    Fluid handling products
    Alarms, safety lights, general lights and Safety lights cabinets
    Special electronics
  • Our services
    System design, production, sales, commissioning and service.
    Import and export services
    Worldwide service for all our products
    Service locations in Finland, Vantaa and Turku

AT-Marine Oy is established 25.11.1992.  Akkuteollisuus Oy, Marine department 1928-1995 and later as part of Varta-Group.
AT-Marine Oy is part of Copertura Group.
Autrosafe merge in to AT-Marine Oy 01.09.2017.
Copertura Group has AAA Credit Class rating.

AT-Marine Oy general_conditions