Communication Interfaces CIU888

Tank farm operators rely heavily on their tank gauging and inventory monitoring systems. Honeywell’s new communication interface, CIU 888, ensures the availability of accurate and reliable tank measurement and calculated inventory data to drive safety and efficiency in every tank farm application.​​​​​​

The new CIU 888 is a safe and reliable gateway between tank gauges and operational systems that manage inventories at bulk storage tank farms. It ensures reliable tank and product data is easily available to multiple users and that the right data is delivered to each user according to their task. Convenient tools promote the highest efficiency during commissioning and remote servicing of tank farm gauges. Compliance with relevant standards and legislation, meanwhile, is confirmed by authorities such as the Dutch NMI.

With the CIU 888, all measured and calculated data is continuously available for efficient operations, safe control of product movements and support for custody transfer and Weights and Measures (W&M) report printing.

CIU 888 integrates the field-proven concepts of Honeywell’s CIU 880 solution into a single unit and takes data availability to the next level. All relevant tank parameters are continuously scanned and embedded tank calculations provide tank inventory data according to API/ASTM standards. Traditional serial interfaces support existing applications without any change, while dedicated Ethernet connections provide open access. Furthermore, intelligent security measures prevent unauthorized access and loss of data.

The improved redundancy concept in the CIU 888, with continuously synchronized units, prevents process disruption, while guarding and maintaining the status and validity of data for W&M purposes. A smart user-concept includes a “Ring of Light” with an integrated LCD for a quick status overview. More detailed Web-based information is accessible remotely, supporting fast analysis and reducing service time.


CIU 888 enables Honeywell’s Enraf® tank inventory monitoring systems to deliver a more profitable, safer operation by:

  • Maximizing uptime and improving site safety and efficiency

  • Lowering the cost of ownership

  • Enhancing operator effectiveness through alarm management, clear displays and convenient tools

  • Meeting demands for expansions and future system requirements with a scalable solution

  • Ensuring compliance with API/ASTM standards and Weights & Measures legislation.


CIU 888 Honeywell’s Enraf® tank inventory monitoring systems