Light Signal Column with LED illumination

lampputaulutaulu 6 lamppua valkoinen


Alarm light columns with LED illumination and audible and visual alarms (we use E2S and Pfannengerg alarms). We also design and produce needed central control units to feed alarm light columns according to your wishes. Connectivity options to other ship IAT also possible.

As standard columns can be delivered with one to seven LED lights and IMO symbol stickers. Depending your needs we can add one or two flash lights and/or sounders on top, sides and front panel. Also non-standard ones with more cones available.

Possibility to have 230 VAC or 24 VDC system columns.

Option for two external sounder outputs. We use here E2S and Pfannenberg sounders.

Option for local lamp test push button.

Option for Dead man alarm  acknowledge push button.

Country of origin: Finland

Manufacturer: Autrosafe Oy


We also sell components like cones and needed LED-illumination electronics that may fit to your existing column.