Honeywell Enraf Servo Tank Gauging

Honeywell introduced automatic servo level gauging technology in the 1950s, and soon after introduced the first automatic level gauge for bulk liquid storage tanks. Enraf’s automated tank gauging has been leading offerings for more than 30 years now with more than 65,000 Servo’s installed world-wide.

The current servo level gauging technology from Honeywell’s portfolio of radar tank gauges includes the Advanced Tank Gauge (ATG) and the Xmitting Tank Gauge (XTG). The ATG and XTG series microprocessor-controlled servo gauges are compact and need only a 2″ mounting flange.

The servo level gauges can easily be integrated with existing SmartRadar, hydrostatic or hybrid gauging installations.

Advanced Tank Gauge (ATG)

Designed for measuring all kinds of liquids in any type of storage tank, the series 854 ATG Servo Gauge is a reliable, versatile and accurate automatic tank gauge with minimal moving parts. The multi-functional instrument is modularly constructed. The option slot for additional features allows the connection of temperature measuring elements for spot and average product temperature, as well as product temperature profiles.

Xmitting Tank Gauge (XTG)

The 854 XTG Servo Gauge is a superior alternative to mechanical float and tape gauges or other low-cost level measuring devices. The standard Honeywell’s portfolio of radar tank gauges include field-proven two-wire correction of tank deformation, roof movement, drum deviation, wire weight and displacer fieldbus is utilized for connection to remote indicators, tank inventory systems and host systems.

Link to 854 documentation

NEW Enraf Servo 954 Tank Gauging

Honeywell continues to invest in this flagship product line and we now have upgraded version of our field proven 854 ATG which now can address even more applications in challenging process environment.

Enraf Servo 954 is designed for accurate and reliable measurement in liquid / vaporized liquid applications with extended level & temperature range. This embraces modular design offering utmost flexibility to choose options needed for your specific application. The advancements in software algorithms further enhance its performance by making it most accurate, reliable and versatile gauge in tank farms / terminals.

Enraf Servo 954 multi-function device provides a flexible and adaptable solution for a wide range of measurements and interface options needed for safe and efficient terminal operations

  • Product level
  • Interface level
  • Product and gas temperature with spot or average temperature measurement, or temperature profiling
  • Density measurement and profiling
  • Direct water bottom measurement or via capacitive probes
  • Average continuous density monitoring connecting one or more HART pressure transmitters
  • SIL certified NO/NC alarm relay contact or 4-20 mA output for direct connection to a Distributed Control System (DCS), or safety and overfill protection systems such as Honeywell

Link to 954 documentation