Honeywell Enraf SmartRadar Flexline


  • SmartRadar FlexLine suitable for highly accurate level measurement on large bulk storage tanks.

  • SmartRadar FlexLine combines new software algorithms with Honeywell Enraf’s planar antennae technology to provide precision levels demanded for custody transfer accuracy.

  • Free Space Antenna portfolio for SmartRadar FlexLine starts from smaller 6” antenna to 8” antenna, designed to address all installation needs on cone roof tanks. The planar antennas for stilling well covers stilling well application ranging from 6’ to 24’ diameter stilling wells.

In the most challenging circumstances such as dome roofs and bad stilling wells, SmartRadar FlexLine maintains its ultra-high performance level on a wide range of applications and various tank conditions. The Enhanced Performance Signal processing enables the radar tank gauge to provide an accurate level reading even in difficult applications (close to the tank shell) and prevents the need for a costly stilling well. The FlexLine radar tank gauge has been certified for use in SIL-2 and SIL-3 applications by the TÜV which allows it to be used in overfill protection applications. Additional diagnostics have been added to detect hardware failures, while a 2004D voting algorithm will detect, report and isolate failures on the boards without interrupting the loading or unloading of a tank.


SmartRadar Flexline